Friday, December 11, 2009

Third crit

Lauren - colored, foaming tiles
Vibrant colors, flashy brilliant and eye catching. Foam placement gives appearance of foam seeping out between the cracks and dripping down. Yellow green orange red, tiles seem fluid.

Pam - leaning classes and thin bowls
Love the thinness of the bowls, fascinating color, seems like only made out of glaze, cracks inside the brown one reveal clay surface, beautiful moment. Cups interesting leaning fluid motion.

Dani - ballet shoes
Makes me sad, beaten up shoes, dim/dark color speaks to lost pasts, the note "you had such great dreams for me..." seems longing and upset, coupled with the torn paper it's written on and tacked to the wall. Painfully bright pink lines in print at top also old fashioned.

Alex - crochet craziness
So creepy and intricate, very larval and organic, lumps seem egg or larva like, stringy attachments, dark colors, clothness seems infantile, nursery-like, creepy.

Estaban/Dani - performance
Smells nice, difficult to see artist's frustration, would have benefited from showing movement, couldn't tell what was going in and out of the shower, the projector wasn't working so didn't get the peephole effect, would have enjoyed that more I believe.

Elies - hands
I liked much better without the resin up close, although from a distance it does add to the piece a sort of eerie trappedness, especially the few fingers coming out unattached to a hand.

Liz - shapes in grass
Very little mermaid. The grass makes them fun and natural, totally different than in the crit space, much better. Reads completely under the sea for me.

Pam - table set
So beautiful, the napkins, the flowers, table cloth, penguin salt and pepper shakers!!! Color scheme is super fun, very winter. Looks complete and inviting.

Robin - carved set
Wow, much better than the previous bunch. This glaze wins, no clumping, shows detail in carving, infinitely better surface treatment, some very beautiful moments on the surface of the clay.

Ben - senior stuff
Love the pictures being in high def. Photography is very interesting, they are my favorite, love the stove and old fashioned dress set, very stay in the kitchen breakout.

Ashley - senior stuff
The hanging bugs are so creepy and cute!! The lady bugs also tickle my fancy, especially the one in the jeans. The burnt wood lyrics is truly amazing, natural yet contrived, detailed and beautiful.

Jen - senior stuff
Cohesive, natural, the jelly fish are beautiful, cloth water shapes very inviting. Ink explosion paintings very interesting, reminds me of molecular level beautiful natural phenomenon. The painting/frame that extends into branches is super cool, it demands attention and captures the eye, very dynamic.

Steph - senior stuff
The topless stabbing series I feel guilty looking at, very personal feeling. The color scheme and step by step nature and mechanical elements coming out of the third work so well, very impressive scale. The man vs machine elements of the computerish switchboard piece next to the series comes together nicely, i like that it is gender ambiguous to me.

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