Friday, December 11, 2009

Second crit

Jen - Lace butterfly chandelier
Beautiful, delicate, strange. Reminds me of "A Rose for Emily" the short story, sort of old fashioned and dusty looking due to color (gray) and texture, shadow is strange and haunting. Makes me think of an old woman, forgotten but not dead. Clay covered cloth instead of cloth covered clay is ironic.

Phil - Moss brass
So interesting! I just want to touch it, the color is so perfect and moss like, very alive, shape resembles fungal formation, but they seem to be made of metal, but they are ceramic! I would buy this if I saw it in a store.

Alex - knit guns
Child like, soft colors, made of yarn, opposite of hard deadly metal guns. Floating like clouds, mobiles also remind me of babies, babies represent birth, guns death. Resemble a flock flying, resemble anteaters.

Esteban - mountain + village
Very organic, at first i didn't notice all the soil on many of the edges. The varying texture and coloration and untreated wood adds to the naturalism and topographical appearance. Mud bricks at the top are unreachable so far away, untouchable.

Dani - paper and string w/ blocks on ground
If you folded them up the drips would be facing the same direction but it skips a page. Seems in between because of the ground structure. Seems like a progression. Maybe if you gutted a person you would find this inside them if they were a book.

Abby - blood cells
They are whole on the wall and move into crumbled malformed shapes on the ground. Reminds me of sickle-cell, very medical looking, text book description.

Liz - large coral-esc smaller kayoot stack
The large piece looks like coral and so doe the purple coloration, the black bubbling tar-like material makes me think of pollution and oil spills in the ocean. Smaller one seems covered in bows, red and gray coloration is interesting but i don't know what to think of it.

Robin - bowls/cups + wall hanging
Beautiful outer work on pottery, especially mountainesc scenery, glaze unfortunately seems to have been to thick and detracts from the carving, a lot of running and gathering in the center of the pieces also occurred. The wall hanging doesn't look ceramic at all, great use of leather binding to change the material appearance I assumed it was cloth from a distance.

Ben/Ashley - video
Sad, transient, temporary. The apparition in the beginning adds to the effect. Interesting dress, the head pieces are very funeral, wish the ending also involved a fadeout.

Steph - video
Creepy, burning, haunting, love the fire imposed over couch etc, and scraping motion and moment of grave being passed on the left, appearing/disappearing face is haunting.

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