Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've finished my newspaper skeleton for my first hand built sculpture and begun adding clay to it yesterday. I also have finished a few pots, and put them on the greenware shelf, I haven't checked to see if they made it into a kiln yet but one of the pots is a watering pot that my houseplants desperately need.

So far my sculpture is coming along exactly as imagined, I don't plan on putting too much detail into it until the majority of the clay has been added to the skeleton, and even then I don't plan on adding too much because it is supposed to be representative of thought and not necessarily vivid well defined thought.

I haven't written down any dreams lately and those I can remember are particularly personal; however, you could say that a few of them were closely related to my piece.

A visual memory that has stuck with me since I was probably about 13 is when my friend who was 6 months my elder came over and showed me the scrambled Play Boy channel (known at the time as channel 99). There was one clear picture of a naked woman that stuck in my head and whenever I was alone in the car with one of my parents I was so afraid that they somehow knew or could see whatever was in my head, as irrational as that is, yet I could not stop thinking of the image.

pics of my piece in progress will be presented asap.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Missing elephant

Here's him being born, him with some of his friends, and him in the rain outside my house. His name is Barnaby.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What it is

This summer I successfully transported my 200 lb ceramic white elephant from the studio to my house (50 E Cleveland), only to have it stolen off my porch on the night of September 4th. I suppose it is flattering in a way; however, I wish whoever took it had been satisfied with a picture. That, unfortunately, was the extent of my artistic work this past season.

I am currently interested in working on my throwing technique, developing new interesting and useful vessels, and in testing the limits of my hand building abilities. I find human sexual experience and expression fascinating and hope to explore it in my work, without being vulgar or too terribly inappropriate. I have already thrown and trimmed a few pots, and I plan on beginning my first hand built piece today.

The type of artists I have learned about this summer include mostly designers and performance dance artists. At the beginning of last year, me and a few of my friends got into the dance style called Vogueing (which was recently exhibited on ABDC), one of my favorite performances is a collaboration between Leo and Lil Black from the House of Evisu at a New York ball in 2007: