Friday, December 11, 2009

First Crit notes

Elise - ribcage
Initially the resin around the cage reminds me of frozen things. I don't like the coloration, I find myself wishing it was blue not orange. Contrasting to initial frozen appearance it looks like a birth, it looks wet and new.

Alex - blue objects
I am in love with them. They look so soft and inviting, the light blue against the dark blue rug with similar round shapes and ovular shapes works really well. They beg to be touched an held, but not completely, you can see their hard hallow insides filled with ash. They look like TRIBBLES!

Lauren - cubes
looks like a trail, fresh and solid at the darker end, deteriorating at the end of the lighter portion. Like a snail trail. They aren't exact, they are individuals, hand touched.

Abby - roadkill-ish death piece
Gruesome, grotesque, irresistible. The color intensity and wetness of the liquid make it look fresh, as though just earlier today it was living. The vibrance also reminds me of life, contrasting the black on the inside. The separated piece reminds me of brain matter.

Phil - wood/metal
The wire being plugged into the metal center section of wood is particularly interesting, very computed. Reminds me of broken doll and android fetishes. Idea of life being sustained by machine today comes to mind. Man vs nature where nature and machine are blended rather than at odds.

Pam - pots
The fat ink and gray splattered one is pretty. Three distinct sets of pottery, blue is classic, earth tones is pre-classic, specks is modern in my eyes.

Steph - video
Frantic, frustrating (choppy time expansion). Feelings of sadness and confusion. Fascinating imagery.

Ben - projection
On left looks like a vagina. Freaky. On right looks like a penis. The organs are destructive, the person is abandoning them out into the water.

Dani - books
Scary, bloody, veiny, sewn up. Defiantly reads torture. Colorations make it seem bloodied and old, threads broken and hanging.

Robin - carved idols
Ancient and festive looking. Autumnal tones in leaves and the rich velvet fabric make me think of a fall harvest celebration. Animal choices however, puts it in Africa (hippo/elephant/lion/bird).

Ashley - wall hangings
Childrenesc, grandmotherly. Only find the cat dress visually appealing.

Esteban - thing
Interesting smoothed organic take on city structure. Love the mini transport boards the clay pieces are strapped to with caution.

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